Junior JN2024 Gown

Junior JN2024 Gown




This product has been manufactured in compliance with the demands of Regulation (EU) 2016/425, for its basic use, according to the standards EN 340: 2003 and EN ISO 13688: 2013 and 14126: 2003 / AC: 2004 applicable and, in compliance with certificates nº 20/2950/00/0161 by AITEX, Plaza Emilio Sala nº 1, Alcoy, Spain, Notified Body 0161

The PPE is manufactured in a woven material in (WHITE) 60% POLYETHYLENE and 40% POLYPROPYLENE (3.6% Spunbond Hydrophobic Hotmelt) with an approximate weight of 55 g / m².

Recommendations for use:

Designed for use in industrial activities where the wearer is exposed to:

– The use of additional protection such as gloves, hoods etc. may be necessary.

– The correct performance of the garment requires it to be correctly fastened at all times.

– The environmental conditions and risks associated with the operator’s surroundings must be considered.

– To achieve correct performance, the garment must be properly closed.

– To protect the whole body, the protective clothing must be closed when worn and used in conjunction with other appropriate protective equipment.

Recommendations against improper use:

– This PPE must not be used against risks other than those previously described.

– Dirt and molten metal adhering to the garment may affect its performance.

– The electrical insulation capability of the PPE may be seriously affected by damp, dirt or when soaked with perspiration.

– When the PPE comprises two pieces, the wearer must wear both pieces to achieve the stated level of protection.

– This PPE is not designed to protect the feet or hands.

– Any tears must not be repaired by the user. A flammable yarn or one which can melt may be extremely dangerous in the case of explosion or fire.

– Wearing chemical protective clothing can cause heat stress

Washing Instructions:

The garment is for single use. Do not wash.

Storage: Keep the garment away from unnecessary exposure to sunlight, in dry places and protected against any aggressive agents.

Packaging: Plastic bag.

The garment has shelf life: 5 Years

Year of manufacture: 2020

As higher is the class, better is the protective capacity.

Mechanical Properties:

Abrasion resistance 3 (EN 13034: 2005 + A1: 2009, EN ISO 13982-1: 2004 / A1: 2010) (EN 14126: 2003 / AC: 2004)

Compression folding

Flex-cracking resistance 6

Compression folding

Flex cracking resistance at -30 degrees 6

Trapezoidal tear resistance 2

Puncture resistance 1

Tensile strength 1

Seam strength 3

Flammability Properties:

Ignition resistance. PASSPORT

Warning: Flammable material. Keep away from fire.

Biological Requirements:

Hydrostatic pressure at which the material passes the test

Hydrostatic pressure at which the material

passes the test 6


Resistance to penetration by contaminated liquids under hydrostatic pressure

Time (min) 6

t <15

Resistance to penetration by contaminated liquid aerosol

Penetration ratio log (ufc) Not Tested

1 <log 3

Resistance to penetration by contaminated solid particles

Penetration ratio log (ufc) 2

Log (ufc) ≤ 1


S 130 cm 130 cm

M 140 cm 136 cm

L 150 cm 140 cm

XL 150 cm 145 cm

XXL 150 cm 150 cm


Gown Test Report in pdf file.