Schutzkleidung JUNIOR JN2024 Gown

Schutzkleidung JUNIOR JN2024 Gown





Protective clothing JUNIOR JN2024 Gown

This product has been manufactured in accordance with the requirements of Regulation (EU) 2016/425 for its basic use in accordance with the standards EN 340: 2003 and EN ISO 13688: 2013 and 14126: 2003 / AC: 2004 and in compliance with certificates No. 20 / 2950/00/0161 from AITEX, Plaza Emilio Sala n ° 1, Alcoy, Spain, notified body 0161

The PSA is made of woven material in (WHITE) 60% POLYETHYLENE and 40% POLYPROPYLENE (3.6% spunbond with water-repellent hot melt adhesive) with an approximate weight of 55 g / m².


Recommended use:

Designed for use in industrial activities where the wearer is exposed to:

– It may be necessary to use additional protection such as gloves, hoods, etc.

– Correct use of the garment requires that it be properly fastened at all times.

– The environmental conditions and risks associated with the environment of the wearer must be taken into account.

– The garment must be properly closed for proper performance.

– To protect the entire body, protective clothing must be closed when worn and used with other suitable protective equipment.


Recommendations against improper use:

– This PPE must not be used against risks other than those described above.

– Dirt and molten metal adhering to the garment can affect its performance.

– The electrical insulation properties of the PPE can be soaked in moisture, dirt or sweat.

– If the PPE consists of two parts, the wearer must wear both parts in order to achieve the specified level of protection.

– This PPE is not suitable for protecting the feet or hands.

– Cracks may not be repaired by the user. Flammable or meltable yarn can be extremely dangerous in the event of an explosion or fire.

– Wearing chemical protective clothing can lead to heat stress.


Washing instructions:

The garment is intended for single use. Do not wash.

Storage: Protect the garment from direct sunlight, in a dry place and away from any harsh chemicals.

Packaging: plastic bag.

The garment is durable: 5 years

Year of manufacture: 2020


The higher the class, the better the protection capacity.


Mechanical properties:

Abrasion resistance


(EN 13034: 2005 + A1: 2009, EN ISO 13982-1: 2004 / A1: 2010) (EN 14126: 2003 / AC: 2004)

Compression folds

Tear resistance


Compression folds

Tear resistance at -30 degrees


Trapezoidal tear strength


Puncture resistance


tensile strenght


Seam strength




Ignition resistance. PASSPORT

Warning: Flammable material. Keep away from fire.


Biological requirements:

Hydrostatic pressure at which the material will pass the test


Hydrostatic pressure at which the material will pass the test




Resistance to penetration of contaminated liquids under hydrostatic pressure


Time (min)


t <15


Resistance to penetration by contaminated liquid aerosols


Penetration ratio log (ufc)

Not tested

1 <log 3


Resistance to penetration of contaminated solid particles


Penetration ratio log (ufc)


Log (ufc) ≤ 1








130 cm 130 cm


140 cm 136 cm
L. 150 cm

140 cm

XL 150 cm

145 cm

XXL 150 cm

150 cm



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