DiaFlux is an value-added innovation company. The cornerstone of our success has remained our dedication to Quality, Flexibility, Innovation and Dependability. We insist on these characteristics in regard to our range of products, professional staff, technical competencies, broad range of services we offer and throughout the entire distribution-chain. Our objective is to achieve maximum customer satisfaction.
We encourage technological innovation and advancements within our company. We see increasing customer demands as our opportunity to continue to improve our performance and shape the future, today.


To us compliance means more than just obeying rules and regulations. Compliance is a question of mindset: Reliability, honesty, credibility, and integrity are part of our DNA. We would rather sacrifice a contract than win it by breaking the rules.


We are committed to placing a high emphasis on energy efficiency and ecological criteria when purchasing capital goods, raw materials or services and give preference to those suppliers who place a similar significance on environmental concerns.

The success of our environmental activities has actually increased cost effectiveness and competitiveness through careful use of resources. As well, we are demonstrating our commitment to customers, suppliers, regulators and our community.


Our goal is to steadily improve our performance. Our actions are not based on the here and now, but rather one step ahead, in actively shaping the future. We accept our responsibility to act responsibly toward the environment, our community, our employees and their families. We see innovation as a key to our company’s long-term success.