TECHNOLOGY – more than know-how and experience

We have been a supplier of dialysis systems and individual components for dialysis as well as associated production technologies for 20 years now. It was always particularly important to us that we keep the products under our control from development, through detailed planning, through production to the end product. This is possible because we have also developed suitable production systems for the individual components in the dialysis segment. Over time, we have become real experts when it comes to dialysis product technology.

We understand technology to mean more than mere know-how in the sense of consolidated knowledge. It is particularly important to us to constantly further develop the technologies behind the products for dialysis and to introduce innovations. Technologies, as we understand them, are therefore made up of know-how, experience and the advantage that arises from an unconditional will and the corresponding motivation to implement innovations. We share these technologies with our customers.

Technology in dialysis – the individual components determine the overall performance

When using dialysis machines and the application of dialysis procedures, all individual components must perform their part reliably and efficiently. That is why the manufacture and production of each individual unit requires the highest degree of precision, compliance with quality standards and reliable control. In this sense, each individual component needs its own production system.

Our production systems

We offer our own production systems for all components in professional dialysis treatment and for equipping dialysis centers.

Learn more about :

  • dialyzer production systems
  • Blood Lines production systems
  • dialysis fluid production systems
  • Osmosis water treatment systems
  • Bicarbonate production systems
  • We pay particular attention to the production of filter membranes. Our semi-automated and fully automated dialyzer production is already setting its own standards.
    We invest a great deal of time and care in the development of our membrane production systems.
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